Octopus Sewing pattern

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This package contains a full-size, 11 x 17 inch printed paper pattern for one octopus and a step-by-step, illustrated instruction booklet. A part of what makes this project so unique is the option to insert a simple wire armature. The ability to wrap and manipulate the arms around objects makes it a fantastic soft sculpture decor piece in any home, or leave out the wire and you have a squishy toy.

When sitting the octopus measures approx. 12 inches (30cm) from it's base to the top of it's head, and stretches 30 inches (76cm) from arm tip to arm tip.

My original design uses simple pattern pieces which allows you to practice skills such as pinning and sewing gentle curves, top stitching and a small amount of hand stitch finishing. The wire armature isn’t difficult but takes a bit of patience to complete in all eight arms.

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