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The Science of Ultimate Merino

Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. The fiber we use, Ultimate Merino®, doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian Grasslands. The presence of coarse fibers in wool create “prickle”-- the main obstacle to wearing and working with wool. Most wool products have a high percentage of over 30 microns - the diameter measure of a strand of fiber. Ultimate Merino® has a micron count of 17.5, and combines the hand of cashmere with the wear of merino. The long cylindrical fibers, with a surface that is smoother due to elongated, flat scales, reflect light and absorb dye better than elliptical fibers, resulting in lustrous yarns with deep and lasting hues.

Weight: Worsted
Meterage: 130 meters (142 yds)
Unit weight: 50 grams (1.76 ounces)
Gauge: 16-17.5 sts = 4 inches
Needle size: 4-5 mm or US 6-8
Fibers: 100% Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino

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